by Rebecca Taylor DC FMCA MRCC, Practice Principal of Cowes Chiropractic Clinic, part of The Medical

As we move on from repeated periods in lockdown, how has this changed the way we practice in clinic, and what have we learned from the pandemic experience?

Chiropractors were able to see patients

face-to-face all through the pandemic and have been able to observe the effects of changing working patterns and home education upon their patients’ spinal alignment and general health.

What has become obvious is that the human beings need to move around outside, and the effect of working and studying from home has meant that people’s activity levels have massively decreased. To help our patients get moving again, we recently built a movement and rehabilitation space at the clinic, offering the facility for one-to-one care, coaching and guiding them back to confidence in their body, strength and balance.

Recent research seems to indicate that up to 80% of our so-called ‘happy hormone’, serotonin, is produced in our gut, which is stimulated by movement so, please, get moving and feel better!

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