Residents from Totland’s Inglefield Nursing and Residential Home enjoyed a day of joy and connection at The Island Riding Centre, in a special visit organised by Embracing Age.

During this delightful outing, residents had the chance to interact closely with horses, engaging in gentle grooming sessions and enjoying the tactile pleasure of petting these graceful animals. The experience was not merely about the activities, but also the profound sense of happiness and rejuvenation it fostered among everyone involved.

“Our residents thoroughly enjoyed the experience,” said Julie, the Activities Coordinator at Inglefield. “There’s something extraordinary about the bond between animals and people, particularly for those in elder care. To see our residents light up with smiles and hear their laughter was a powerful reminder of the simple joys that enrich our lives.”

The event benefited from beautiful weather, which enhanced the enjoyment of the day, making it a truly fabulous outing for both residents and staff. The sunny skies and gentle breezes at The Island Riding Centre provided the perfect setting for a memorable day.

Inglefield Nursing and Residential Home continues to prioritise activities that foster emotional wellbeing and physical health among its residents. Outings like these are a key part of Inglefield’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for its community members through engaging, meaningful experiences.

“We believe in creating opportunities that not only entertain but also help our residents maintain their vitality and spirit,” said Charlotte, the home manager of Inglefield. “It’s about more than just care; it’s about creating a family and a home filled with love and laughter.”