Choosing the right fragrance for a loved one can be quite tricky.  Our preference for perfumes is highly individual, and scents tend to react differently when in contact with the skin. There is however a fragrance, so subtle and exquisite, that you cannot go wrong: a captivating aroma, recognised by experts as one of the finest scents there is –  Rose oil.

At Ryde’s exquisite fragrance store Land of Roses you’ll find a variety of Rose oil perfumes – the jewels in their crown being Crystal Light and Crystal Intense Eau De Parfum. These are fragrances of highest quality, 100% natural, and made entirely from pure essential oils. Each bottle contains 2 ml of Rose oil per 50 ml of perfume – a very high concentration of the precious oil, which makes the aroma deep, intense and long lasting. Rose oil crystallises at lower temperatures and you can see the typical crystals in the perfume when it is cold – hence the name.

Both perfumes are unisex. Crystal Light is a ladies’ choice with its more gentle, feminine scent that comes from a combination of Rose oil and Rose absolute, Geranium, Mint, Sage and Sandalwood oils. Crystal Intense is a heavier, more masculine aroma, recommended for men or ladies who opt for stronger perfumes. In this blend, Rose oil is complemented with Juniper, Sage, Lavender, Sandalwood, Pine, Cedar wood and Fir oil. And the fragrance… well you’ll have to try it for yourself!