By Harriet Kent

As we slowly unfurl ourselves from the slippery grips of a particularly wet and soggy Winter, we look forward to the sights and delights of Springtime. With the days becoming longer, it gives one a long-awaited boost from an enforced hibernation.

Spring is a time for planning what to grow in our gardens, which floral designs for the coming season are in fashion, and also a time for sorting out that greenhouse or shed into some semblance of order!

The beauty and delicacy of the brilliantly white snowdrops that adorn the darker corners of my garden, give a splash of white in stark contrast to their darker green foliage.

Our family farm had an enclosed meadow, affectionately named ‘The Orchard’. It had a smattering of aged apple, crab apple and quince trees. Its main attraction amongst the rough grasses and the old shepherd’s hut hidden at the top corner of the field, was the splendid display of golden daffodils which, each year, would flourish. White Jonquils were dotted throughout the blooms to break up the hue of yellow.

Daffodils conveniently bloomed around Mother’s Day and bunches lovingly picked by myself and my sisters were always a welcome gift.  Needless to say, the flowers we picked were barely missed from the hoards that remained in The Orchard. They brightened up the kitchen and living room windowsills. Mum was always delighted to receive them with the thoughts that we had made the effort to pick them in the first place!

Daffodil heads were also a firm favourite with our farming neighbour’s lambs. They were orphans who had been taken into their farmhouse to monitor and wean. Each year brought a fantastic display of daffodils that lined their garden walls. One year, however, they were soon depleted by a group of over-enthusiastic lambs that had escaped the confines of the farmhouse to stretch their legs outside. They happily lunched on the flower heads leaving a barren trail of stalks!

Therefore it’s a huge welcome to Spring to rekindle our sense of purpose,  our plans for the coming season, and to look forward to increasing sunshine and most importantly, those lighter evenings!