A head-turning array of more than 90 cars, from a whole range of eras and classes, battled it out on the temporary track at Culver Parade for the third annual Sandown Sprint held in April.  Many of the entrants were from the Isle of Wight Car Club, and they drove everything from modern high-performance machines to classic racers and even an ASCAR – making the event a real petrolhead’s paradise.

The event has established itself as a premier event on the Isle of Wight’s motoring calendar, and its popularity continues to grow, particularly as the open paddock allows fans to get up close to the cars and chat with the drivers and teams.

Taking top spot on the podium was Damien Bradley in his Subaru Legacy, with a time of 70.66 seconds, closely followed by Will Nicholls, in his Fiesta R5 at 72.69 seconds, and Nicholas Olson in his Lotus Esprit S3 with a time of 74.40.