By Philippa Wilmot, Chiropractor, Cowes Chiropractic Clinic

In the main, Vitamin D is produced in the body as a result of natural exposure to sunlight, which in the UK is during the months of April to September.

The body has an amazing capacity to produce up to 20,000 iu per day in Summer, but during the Winter (October – March) we are unable to make Vitamin D and have to rely on dietary sources such as fatty fish, cheese and egg yolk, along with stored Vitamin D, to sustain the body.

Vitamin D deficiency is common in the UK, with up to 50% of us deficient at the end of Winter due to lack of sun .

Low Vitamin D can cause persistent pain, changes in mood, fatigue and in rare cases, rickets. By the end of Winter (around now) approximately 50% of those in the UK are deficient, but there is a solution. Prevention is always better then cure, and the best way to boost your stores in the Summer is to take a daily supplement of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – it’s never too late to start.

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