Mark Dicker’s printing expertise can already be seen right across the Island. Mark’s Silver Holographics company specialises in all types of graphic print, focusing mainly on signs that are commonplace along many Island roads, as well as on hotels and businesses.

Now Mark has taken his printing business on to another level with the acquisition of the Mutoh 1608 UV eco printer. It uses UV inks which last up to seven years outdoors, and allows him to print directly on to all types of surfaces, rather than have to use a vinyl and then stick that on to a sign board, thus shortening the process.

The new printer can be used on fabrics, plastic, PVC and polyester. The printer, from Belgian based company Mutoh, was first introduced on to the market about a year ago, and Mark currently has the only one on the Island.

“It has definitely upgraded the business,” said Mark, who formed Silver Holographics four years ago, and is based in St John’s Road, Sandown. “I am pleased at the way we have moved on during that time, and we will continue to try to stay ahead of the game.”

Mark also carries out T-shirt printing and embroidery, and all types of wide format printing, the biggest print size available being three metres wide and up to 60 metres in length.