Ryde’s unique little shop Land of Roses is a perfect choice both for animal lovers – and their animals!   It’s important to this shop that all their products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals – and they don’t need to be, since Rose oil is one of the purest of essential oils, completely safe and non-toxic for humans. And the shop is happy to welcome customers’ pets in, too!

The vast majority of products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and are made entirely from plant extracts and natural oils. The only exceptions are products, which contain yoghurt probiotic, beeswax or snail secretion. However, the use of these valuable extracts does not cause any animal suffering. For example, the snail filtrate is made only from the trail snails leave in their path and none of the creatures are harmed in the process.

The most recent additions to the collection include the lovely Rosa Uniqa products, a cosmetic line that boasts a 100% Vegan formula. It includes Phyto collagen with plant origin, which activates collagen synthesis in the skin, smoothes fine lines, and acts as a powerful skin regenerator. Hyaluronic acid intensively hydrates and firms the facial contour, while beautifully fragrant extracts of Moringa, Iris and Verbena reduce the signs of stress and slow down the ageing processes. And of course, Organic Rose oil and Rose water soothe, restore and rejuvenate the skin, giving it a gentle, feminine aroma.