As we head into the winter season of hunkering down at home, just how happy are you with your living space?  Maybe it could do with a lift or some new inspiration – but that doesn’t have to mean a complete re-decor job.

In fact it can be surprisingly easy and inexpensive to achieve a new look with a bit of creative thinking and a free weekend.

Adding colour is the perfect way to upgrade your space, and the quickest and easiest way to do that is with a statement wall –  the ideal way to spruce up a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or dining room.

Go for bold pattern with paper, or a pop of colour with paint, which can always be easily changed.  In fact you can now buy removable peel-and-stick wallpaper options to make the job even simpler.

Even if your budget is tight there are still ways to make a transformation, just by having a creative switch-around.  Remove all the décor items from every room, place everything on a table so you can see each piece, and then restyle room by room. This will keep things feeling fresh for zero outlay, and you may be surprised how much these simple swaps will refresh your home.

If you want to bring in something new, then look at cushion covers, vases, candles and picture frames, which can quickly change the colour scheme of a room.  Check out charity and vintage shops, where you’ll often find inexpensive quirky items that can be spray-painted to co-ordinate with your new colour palette.

Adding plants to any room will also have a big impact, making it feel instantly more tranquil.  Move around the ones you’ve got, buy a few new ones, and perhaps look for some new planter pots, either in natural terracotta, or painted in a complementary colour scheme.