In a competitive marketplace, home sellers need to be offering something special to ensure a sale.  Here are five of the top tried-and-tested ways to  make your property more appealing to buyers

1. Go higher

To add more living space to your home, consider an attic or loft conversion. This is especially beneficial for properties in towns such as Newport and Ryde, where space is tight. Prices can typically start around £15,000, depending on the size. It can be a relatively low cost solution for adding more living space to your property.  The typical price uplift on the average property with a loft conversion is around £15,000 to £25,000, especially when carefully planned and well built.

2. or lower…

A basement conversion is another popular option for adding another layer of living space. Adding space at this level can also be utilised for rental, or self-contained for an older or younger family member. This type of conversion can be challenging because of the structural changes, but  a project manager can help oversee this task. A basement conversion could cost around £200 per square foot for a home with an existing basement. For a home without any type of basement, expect to pay around £300/£400 per square foot.

This type of transformation is popular with homeowners who have an existing basement. Otherwise, you’d need to calculate if such a conversion would be cost-effective for your situation, taking into account the size of dwelling and current sales values.

3. Outside space

According to Halifax, more than 50% of homebuyers would give up an additional bedroom or bathroom just to have outdoor space. A garden is a valuable commodity in today’s property market, so you should ensure yours is in top shape before attempting to sell. Seeding a new lawn, planting borders, and adding some shrubs and trees can all increase the value of your home. If short on time, think about hiring a professional landscaper to spruce up the place.  Also check the condition of any fences and gates and your all-important front door area.

4. Open Plan

A bright and airy, open floor plan is a favourite feature among most UK buyers today, and it’s an excellent way to open up poky rooms and unused corners around a home.

Once you’ve decided on the floor plan that’s right for you, seek the advice of a knowledgeable professional. They will be able to give you tips for knocking down walls, and they are familiar with structural needs and guidelines.

This style of home would certainly have more appeal to younger buyers, so knocking down a few walls could give you a sizeable profit.

5. Extend

If your property has reached its maximum value with the existing floor plan, you might want to consider building an extension. Whether they’re single storey or full height, extensions can add a huge boost to the value and appeal of your home.

By adding more rooms to your home, the value of the property will increase exponentially.  Additional bedrooms, a second bathroom or perhaps a large open-plan kitchen/family room are all good options to consider. All or any of these will not only increase the potential sale price but also the appeal of your home to new buyers or tenants.