The secret is a multidisciplinary team approach

Whether you’ve been in your current home for a while or only recently moved in, the approach of a new season can cast a whole new light on your living space and create an impulse to make some changes.

Summer brings the chance to open up the doors and spend more time outdoors. Gardens come alive and perhaps the veg patch starts to be productive. Family barbecues, beach walks and sailing all feature much more frequently. 

We might need different types of storage for the wet sailing gear, or we might want to entertain more often. This can be a good opportunity to re-evaluate our homes and make the most of our available space. Helpful advice might be called for, and that’s where an architect with an all-round holistic approach can prove invaluable.

Isle of Wight-based Mattinson Associates is best known for its highly creative architectural work. Over the years RIBA chartered architect, Lindsay Mattinson has successfully designed dozens of successful renovations and new builds, across the Island. 

The holistic approach

Mattinson Associates is unusual in that it offers a holistic service that combines the expertise of interior design, architecture, and landscape design. This core team are supported by a group of collaborative experts: surveyors and engineers as well as a cost consultant.

The holistic approach can offer several benefits. It typically results in a more cohesive and integrated design, helping homeowners to make the most of what they have, while providing valuable support and advice.

Working as a team, Lindsay, Abbie and Robbie, Mattinson Associates’ Principal Architect, Interior designer and Landscape designer, will provide a comprehensive vision. When you involve professionals from multiple disciplines, each expert will bring their unique knowledge and skill set. Creating a seamless flow that connects living areas, outdoor patios, gardens, and landscapes. 

This integrated approach will not only maximise your immediate enjoyment of your home, but can also maximise the potential resale value.

The team working together

A holistic design service can also focus on sustainability and environmental considerations. Incorporating energy-efficient strategies, eco-friendly materials, and green building practices that promote biodiversity and conservation.

By engaging an interior designer, architect, and landscape designer as a collaborative team, you can streamline the whole project. Mattinson Associates team members work together from the initial stages. Ensuring that the design is cohesive, functional, and aligned with your needs. A collaborative approach that can help minimise errors, prevent delays, and result in a more efficient and successful outcome.

So, if the season change is prompting you to make some changes around the house, and you’d benefit from some expert advice, consider an integrated solution. An architect, interior designer and landscape design service. 

Mattinson Associates would be happy to discuss your options. Contact Lindsay Mattinson on 01983 840953, by email at or via the website