Islander Dec 19

Frank Schrijver UK Ltd have had the privilege of serving the Island for many years and organised numerous Damp Control System installations.  The main reason that potential clients call is because they have damp issues but do not wish to endure the internal mess, fuss and inconvenience which normally are inevitable.

The vast majority of their work takes place on the outside walls and all that is required is access to water and electricity.  The Dutch Schrijver system has been around in several countries for almost 60 years and is endorsed by WHICH? Check A Trade awarded it over 98 per cent with more than 500 positive reviews . The Schrijver units have improved over the years and now look virtually inconspicuous. Once the units are installed the Schrijver system kicks in right away and the walls begin to dry out.

The humidity level will also drop, reducing condensation and the property becomes much easier to keep warm and ventilated.This investment will significantly increase the value of the property too. Call Richard Smith anytime on (01264) 312678 or visit