As company that promotes the waterfront lifestyle and the appeal of living on the Isle of Wight, independent property agency Spence Willard has agreed to lend its support a local charity that’s dedicated to saving lives at sea.

The Freshwater branch of the property company has pledged to make a donation to Freshwater Independent Lifeboat for every property it sells.

Emma Bradley, Head of Marketing at Spence Willard said “We’re delighted to support a great local charity that enhances the lives of our community. To date we have donated £500 and hope to donate much more during the coming years of our sponsorship agreement.

“Freshwater Independent Lifeboat do a wonderful job and host many fundraising events, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for ways in which you can support them whilst enjoying a fun day out”.

She explained that  whilst there are many benefits to living by the water, from lounging on the beach, to sailing, surfing and paddleboarding, the fact is that water always carries an element of unpredictability and risk.

“Freshwater Independent Lifeboat with its many volunteers ensure that everyone can enjoy life by the sea safely, and that’s why the Freshwater branch of Spence Willard was  pleased to support the lifeboat by making a donation for every property they sell”.

Principal Fundraiser Rod Adams said: “Next year will be Freshwater Independent Lifeboat’s 50th anniversary. Without the wonderful and regular support of local companies such as Spence Willard this just would not have been possible.”