Islander Dec 19

How about treating our Lions on behalf of someone you love this Christmas.

Kumba and Vigo are brothers. They were rescued last year from a Spanish Circus and have spent most of their lives cooped up together in a lorry trailer. When they were young they were neutered, beaten and their claws were cruelly and painfully removed.

Thanks to supporters of The Wildheart Trust their story has a happy ending and they will live out their days at The Isle of Wight Zoo.

However, these lions are huge and to accommodate them, the Zoo needs some help to fully supersize their home.

A donation of £50 for example, would buy two enclosure posts; £100 would ensure one of them is fully vaccinated for the year and so on.   We have a long wish list- so please give us a call on 01983 403883 or email to find out more.

A special thankyou card from Kumba and Vigo and free ticket will be sent to the recipient so that they can pay them a visit in the New Year.