A new year – with its focus on chucking out the old and ringing in the new – always sends people scurrying into the DiY and interiors stores in search of inspiration.

While the spring holidays might be prime time for actually doing the work, January is most definitely the time when many of us will start the plotting and planning process.

Any colour scheme or décor theme that you’ve lived with for a few years will start to feel tired and uninspiring – and certainly the change in fashions is reflecting those looks that have seen better days.

So what’s likely to be ‘in’ and what’s definitely on the way out, for 2019?

According to research we can say goodbye to all those cool greys that have been absolutely everywhere and now look so dull and dispiriting.

Replacing the greys will be bright white walls, offset by dramatic rich jewel tones such as indigo, emerald green and dark teal on fabrics, accessories and rugs.

Also on the way out is all that macrame and woven textile art, which designers reckon has reached saturation point.

Very definitely coming into favour are sustainable hand-made pieces in materials such as jute, rice paper and clay, which give a room a feeling of being ‘earthed’.

Meanwhile, one surprising blast from the past that seems set to enjoy a big revival is the traditional four-poster bed.

In uncertain times, people tend to want spaces that bring a sense of comfort and safety. A four-poster bed provides that type of feeling. It’s the closest thing you can get to a hug from a piece of furniture.

To go with the four-poster you’ll need lots of extravagant drapes – and the big look in fabrics, as well as wallpapers, is for ultra-traditional chintzy florals.  Perhaps grandma still has some stashed away in the attic.

See – everything comes back if you just wait long enough.