When was the last time you parked the car in your garage?  According to the RAC, it might be quite a while, because it seems that almost 40% of garages in the UK are so full of junk that there’s no room to squeeze a vehicle in.

If you’re struggling under the weight of your possessions, or can’t prize open the door of your garage, it’s probably time to think about a spring clean.

Car experts at Halfords say that the best way to start is to draw up a plan of action – including what you will do with all the waste. Then get everything you need ready before you begin, so you’ll have no excuses for not completing the job.

While decluttering, think about how you can safely dispose of your belongings, either by re-using or recycling them. Donate small items to local charity shops, and larger ones to a charity that might be able to collect larger items and pass along to help families in crisis.

While you might not necessarily uncover a valuable antiquity, some hidden treasure will often lurk at the back of the garage and could pay dividends. A study by RAC Home Insurance estimates that Britain’s garages are full of up to £8bn worth of possessions – that’s about £1,650 per home. Check out online auctions or other listings for some ideas about the prices for your goods, and get selling.

The key to staying clean is to start clean, so once you’ve got rid of all the rubbish, treat the garage  to a good scrub down and finish, and restore some order by investing in a few sturdy purpose-built storage units to tidy away the items you intend to keep.

Once your garage is looking pristine, make a resolution to keep it that way!  Your car will probably thank you for it.