The Isle of Wight Secondary SCITT (school-centred initial teacher training) provides the opportunity for Island-basedgraduates to secure Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and proceed onto a school teaching career.

The SCITT is an accredited provider of initial teacher training (ITT), meaning that recommendation for QTS can be awarded by the institution. Additionally, participants can secure a postgraduate certificate of Education (PGCE) and credits towards a Masters through the University of Sussex.

The training provision has been inspected twice by Ofsted, under the Initial Teacher Education framework, and on both occasions has secured a grade two or ‘good’. The most recent inspection, in May 2013, identified as key strengths ‘the preparation of trainees to meet the needs of schools in challenging circumstances on the Isle of Wight’ and ‘the high quality central training offered to secondary trainees’. Our vision for excellence is to secure high-quality teachers for Island schools.

Teacher training programmes are available in the following secondary subjects: English, mathematics, chemistry, geology, modern languages, performing arts (dance, drama and music). In addition, with a number of partnership schools, we offer the government-led School Direct programme.

As the only accredited provider based on the Island, we provide advice on routes into teaching and can facilitate classroom experience for candidates. For those trainees relocating to the Isle of Wight, we assist them in finding accommodation and foster a community of developing teachers. Each teacher is provided with a SCITT tutor who has, in collaboration with the school, responsibility for their overall development.

Due to the small size of the provision, this support is highly individualised and responsive to the needs of the trainee. In addition to weekly personal contact with the SCITT tutor, the trainee develops an e-portfolio to which their tutor provides commentary.

Pru teaching

Performing arts teacher profile – Katie:

“Having left university, I found myself undecided about my career choices. I fell into a job in the retail sector for a fashion store chain. I worked my way up, from a temporary Christmas sales position to ‘Training and Development Manager’ for the southern region, within a few years.

“Although the salary was excellent, I found the job unrewarding. When I moved to the Isle of Wight, I secured a job working for an educational and training company on the Island that specialised in delivering ‘accelerated learning’ workshops to students and teachers in schools.

“I loved the buzz of working with the students but wanted to do more than ‘one-off’ interventions. Deciding to apply for the teacher training course in drama was one of the best decisions I have ever made: it was a challenging, vibrant and hectic year and I loved every minute.

“The tutor team and my lead school supported me every step of the way showing a sincere concern for my development as a trainee teacher. They provided me with an excellent mentor who was dedicated to my professional development and weekly training sessions lead by a whole range of experts from the profession. I felt extremely privileged to be able to learn from the best about how to become a good teacher. I enjoyed my lead school so much; I really did not want to leave and I am so happy to be working here six years on! I have recently been promoted to head of performing arts.”