A small family run business based in Bembridge have managed to recover many thousands of pounds for individual clients who have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance, or who have accrued debts through credit card and mortgage default charges. JMP Partnership, who operate from offices in Thyme House, Lane End Road, Bembridge, have assisted over 800 clients since they were formed by Jon Platt just over four years ago, and total recoveries have reached a staggering £3.3 million.

Most of the recoveries relate to mis-sold PPI on loans and credit cards, with their largest single recovery of PPI for one client on one account being more than £24,000. They also recovered £32,000 on a mis-sold life insurance policy. The company’s reputation has spread by word of mouth, and they now have clients on the mainland as well as the Island. JMP’s largest recovery for a single client on the Island, for someone with multiple claims, was over £150,000. But for their help the client was weeks from
bankruptcy and in danger of losing their home.

Among those who have benefitted from JMP Partnership are mainland couple Paul and Yvette Spaven who have received more than £22,000, and Barry and Ann Sutherland, formally of Bembridge, now Newport, have had over £34,000 back. In addition JMP were instrumental in doing a deal with their mortgage provider which resulted in them selling their home and getting a 30 per cent discount on their mortgage redemption figure.

That saved them about £60,000 when they settled their mortgage. Jon said: “With our assistance, in the last 18 months, at least a dozen families on the Island avoided repossession of their homes, following action against their lender. We represent everyone from doctors, nurses, policemen and women to the self employed, unemployed and retired.

“We are planning to expand in the coming months into other areas such as debt management, adjustment and negotiation and we will be looking to employ more people.”

For more information telephone JMP Partnerships on (01983) 873499.