The most sought-after homes often come with a picturesque view from the window – but while not everyone can boast a room with a view, it’s easy to make any window look stunning from the inside.

The question is:  blinds or curtains?  When choosing the right option for your home, consider how much light you want versus your privacy needs – and then what will best enhance the style and atmosphere of the room. 

Generally speaking, blinds will filter in light better, and vertical or venetian ones are ideal for reducing glare with a quick adjustment.  

Blinds add a more contemporary look to a room and are generally more affordable to buy than curtains – particularly if your windows are a standard size that will allow you to buy a ready-made one off the shelf. The least expensive are roller blinds, which come in a whole range of colours, patterns and styles. But if you’re willing to splash out a bit more, roman blinds are extra stylish and can be custom-made in a fabric to co-ordinate with your décor.

The downside of opting for slat or light coloured blinds, is that they won’t completely block out the light – unless they’re blackout roller blinds.  Blinds are also not as energy efficient in the winter and can leak the heat from a room.

On the other hand, good quality curtains with a thick, heavy lining are a great insulator, and can save on your heating bills. Unlike blinds, they don’t have slats where heat can escape, and as well as blocking out cold draughts, they can also absorb loud sounds, which is ideal if you have noise outside. This makes them a particularly good choice for bedrooms.

The downsides are that curtains are more expensive to buy, harder to clean, and not so versatile in adjusting light levels.

So – not a simple choice. If you still can’t decide between blinds or curtains, why not have both? For an ultra-stylish look, just layer the two treatments together and enjoy the best of both worlds.