After months of trials and tastings at the idyllic, leafy HQ in Ventnor Botanic Garden, Hill Hassall Botanics has unveiled a refreshing new drink, The Refresher. Cucumber, Eucalyptus and mint – right on time for the summer season.

The Refresher is a premium carbonated drink from the Eucalyptus Beverage Company. Experts have created a well-balanced elixir of fresh pressed cucumber juice infused with garden mint and British-grown Eucalyptus. 

Staff describe it as “moreish” and insist that one 250ml can is not enough!

Following the initial launch of its Eucalyptus Cordials in 2016 the company decided to develop a pre-mixed drink, available in a can. Those was in response to requests from customers who wanted something smaller and easier to ‘grab and go’. The magic of Eucalyptus can easily be enjoyed on the beach, after a workout, or with friends on a country walk.

All-natural ingredients

The team spent hours in the kitchen, experimenting with flavours, extracts and concentrates. Working hard to develop a fresh, light drink.

They decided to stick with all-natural ingredients after tasting the difference between natural flavourings, extracts, concentrates and fresh pressed juice.

The same went for the mint, with infused real mint leaves in the juice, and of course they kept it real with Eucalyptus leaves too.

Their original Eucalyptus cordial was blended with freshly pressed cucumber juice. Then infused with mint, to produce a flavour they loved and have now launched it as ‘The Refresher.’

The healing powers of Eucalyptus are not new, and have been harnessed by Australia’s indigenous people for centuries. The revered and sacred plant has long been used to cleanse the body and lift the spirit. Modern science now recognises the active organic compound to be Eucalyptol (1,8-cineole). It is well known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

“With the release of our ready-to-drink can, we’re excited to bring the power of Eucalyptus to our fans in an easy, grab and go format” said founder John Curtis.