The architectural trends for this year will set the scene for the decade to come, writes architects Mattinson Associates.

As we start to see society committing to greater sustainability, the design industry is defining new construction methods, “healthy” homes and multifunctional spaces. Here are our predicted trends for 2020:

Wellbeing: The impact of one’s wellbeing in a home is often overlooked. Materials and well-designed ventilation systems that stimulate good indoor air quality, spaces that promote stress-free living and the use of passive design to control temperatures can all have a positive effect on wellbeing.

Flat pack homes are on the brink of a major milestone and we are seeing boundaries being pushed more than ever, such as the monumental 44 storey high tower block being built in Croydon. Factory-built homes produce less waste, are environmentally friendly and as they are built in a controlled environment, delays to the construction programme due to unpredictable weather conditions are less likely.  Say goodbye to major setbacks!

We’re already seeing the rise of virtual assistants with Alexa helping you add eggs to your shopping list or even talking you through a seven-minute workout. But this year we are going to see some ground-breaking products – think fridges that keep track of expiration dates on your food, sending you not only a notification when the food is about to go off, but also recipes designed around the current contents of your refrigerator.

Staying Put:  The cost of moving has been increasing for some time and homeowners are tending to stay within their existing homes and retro-fitting them to become more economical and suitable for modern day life – this is where we come in! By employing an  architect, they will be able to design a space that grows with you throughout your life.

Compact Living:  As land prices and utility bills increase, we are seeing the average house size shrinking to an average of 67.8m². Our homes now need to be more flexible with their space and able to transform depending on the social situation or homeowner’s preference. Keep an eye out for multi-level living and innovative storage solutions as the rise of multifunctional spaces begins this year.