One of the most unexpected home décor trends of the last couple of years has been the wall mural – and it’s one that really boomed during the lockdown.

The latest mural looks are a world away from those early incarnations in the 1960s and 70s, which with their wallpaper panels of  flying geese and Alpine mountainscapes,were pretty naff to say the least.

No, the latest mural is distinctly designer – hand painted, bespoke designs that can set home-owners back thousands of pounds, but which can give a room or an outside space some serious cachet.

A number of artists have been carving out a specialist niche for themselves as  mural painters, using a paintbrush to bring the natural world into people’s homes, with images of everything from jungle greenery to climbing roses, rolling landscapes and children’s fantasy characters.

They take to ladders and scaffolds and artistically reproduce life-sized trees and animals in hallways and living rooms – as well as Chinoiserie and cherry blossom designs, which are seriously trending at the moment.  Since the lockdowns, more people have also been asking for outdoor murals so they can enjoy their outside space, with outdoor bars and eating areas.  

Mural painters report having transformed uninspiring blank garage walls  with climbing wisteria designs or Italian garden scenes, while lots of commissions feature very personal themes, linked to people’s meaningful memories of holiday locations childhood homes.  

A professional mural artist will charge thousands for a commission, but it’s a skill that a DiY-er could develop, maybe starting with painting a fun design on a child’s bedroom or playroom wall.