Whether it’s served up in a flabby bun at the roadside or a towering gourmet option served up in an upmarket restaurant, people can’t seem to get enough of the beefburger.

For the last 30 years burger connoisseur Mark Lynas has been making has own mouthwatering versions, and says: “There are loads of burger recipes out there, and some are completely off the wall, adding ingredients that simply kill that great flame-grilled burger taste. The trick is to use local beef chuck with 15-25% fat content to keep the burger juicy, and then simply add salt and pepper, that’s it. But it doesn’t stop there because its how you grind the mince and especially how it’s cooked, and that’s what I have mastered over the last 30 years of cooking burgers: that’s my secret! Not anyone can cook a burger, you’ll never achieve that flame-grilled taste cooking a burger at home or even in the summer on the BBQ.  Most of the time they end up charred and tasting of burnt charcoal.”

Mark moved to the Island from Newbury in Berkshire in 2017 and decided that the Isle of Wight really did need a good burger joint, so  he decided to come out of retirement and re-open Rio’s. It’s proved to be a great move, because since opening, the place has been busy day and night.

Currently Mark has 15 different burgers on the menu,  including beef options at 5oz and 10oz, and a chicken burger of either 4oz or 8oz. Sauces, garlic dip and mozzarella-filled onion rings come as a side option.

On the meat-free front, there’s a selection of plant-based burgers, which are proving popular. Mark says the bun (which makes up 50% of the burger)  is also important, so he spends time choosing them and currently offers a Brioche bun or toasted flour bun, either of which complement his burgers.

Currently Mark’s service is collection-only but he says he’s looking to offer a local home-delivery service in the near future. Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood for a great burger then head over to Rio’s Burgers in Regent Street, Shanklin.