In this issue we are introducing a new feature where we invite local Island photographers the chance to showcase their favourite shots. We are pleased to feature amateur photographer Terence Hart from Cowes. All these photos were shot on the Island. 

Terence Hart

The camera used was a Canon 90D DSLR with a 100-400 F4.5-7.1 Canon lens. Terence now semi retired spends hours walking in the countryside waiting for that shot, “it takes patience, and lots of it. You have to wait for that exact moment and be there to catch it”. 

The fact that these were taken with a secondhand camera that is affordable for most amateur photographers it opens up the possibility that almost anyone can have a go, just stick on the wellies and head for the countryside. Terence commented, “you could spend a lot on a setup, however unless you have the eye and the patience the photos are going to be no better than if you took the picture on a setup sub £1,000.”

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