A challenging health issue and three lots of surgery led NHS worker Courtney Sandison to re-assess her whole working life – but it’s led to finding a silver lining within the cloud.

She cut down her working hours, and last year, she launched the specialist business CS Country Contracting, which draws on her long-standing interest in agricultural and construction work. In fact Courtney once used her holiday leave from the NHS job to do some tractor and trailer work for Bun Symes Contracting!  She also had a NPORS card – the so-called ‘digger ticket’.

Setting up her business involved getting a good team behind her to do the physical work while she concentrates the smooth running of the operation, which covers everything from ditching, land clearance, mulching, tree work, fencing, field shelters and stables.  Then there’s hedge maintenance, muck heap removal, river maintenance, field maintenance  water supply systems, sewage treatment plants and much more. 

Says Courtney:  “We’re a small team and keep our work load limited to make sure we have a good relationship with our customers, and very much provide a 1-1 service with them”. 

“We don’t mind taking on challenging jobs – but equally we are happy to complete simple, smaller, one-off jobs too!  Our aim is to keep things simple and cost effective for our customers whilst supplying quality work”.

You can contact CS Country Contracting on 07444 414563, or find them on Facebook.