Covid 19 update

Island Life Magazine

Island Life magazine has a large distribution across the Island and it’s very costly to produce, print and distribute. Currently (22 July 2020) there are several reasons that are preventing us from publishing Island Life.

We care deeply about our advertisers and without their support, we are not be able to publish Island Life. Production costs makes it impossible to print and distribute without all our advertisers being in a position that they can advertise.

We are constantly reviewing the situation week to week and as soon as our advertisers are all back to work, and are in a financial position to resume advertising we have no option but to keep Island Life shelved. Please be assured Island Life WILL return in the near future.

Islander Magazine

Islander magazine is Island Life’s little brother. Islander will be the first magazine we will publish due to the costs of producing the magazine is less and the risks are lower. Advertising within Islander is more affordable for our advertisers during these adnormal times.

We are hoping to return to work on the 1st of September and will do our upmost to produce an October 2020 issue of Islander magazine.

This has been really tough times on ALL Island businesses and even today Covid19 continues to throw up new challenges day by day. Like all businesses we just have to make the best of the situation and work our way through these times. We will be contacting all our advertisers both Island Life and Islander in September for an opportunity of advertising in the October issue of Islander magazine.