Because we produce glossy lifestyle magazines, we love to promote local businesses. We realise that today’s challenging marketplace makes it more important than ever for businesses to budget wisely – but advertising remains one of those necessary expenditures.

While it’s sometimes difficult to monitor the  precise effect of your advertising, we strive to be as fair as possible with advertisers and pride ourselves on offering real service and value for money. If you  advertise within Island Life or Islander, you can be assured we will do all we can to promote your business by way of features and editorials.

Is our advertising affordable?

Yes, even for the smallest of businesses.  While advertising in quality glossy magazines would normally be way out of reach for most small firms, that’s not the case with Island Life or Islander. We strive to promote micro enterprises and family concerns, and have developed pricing structures that are affordable on even the smallest of advertising budgets.  In fact, advertising within Island Life can cost as little as £29.53 per week +VAT for a quarter page ad running for 6 issues and in Islander this can be as low as £12.50 per week +VAT.

Value for money

Advertising in Island Life or Islander represents real value for money. Why? Because they are a glossy lifestyle magazine, your advertisement can be available to view on average for over a year, unlike newspaper or radio advertising. Newspapers tend to be thrown away 2-7 days after purchase, whereas glossy lifestyle titles like ours will tend to sit on readers’ coffee tables for many months. Readers will almost certainly  pass on the magazines to friends and family once they have read it – and then there are all those public viewings in waiting room areas. So as advertising goes, ours proves to be great value for money.

Website advertising

Advertising opportunities are available within our website in various forms, from homepage banners, targeted articles, category sponsorship and one day campaigns to promote on the day promotions. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

To have a chat about marketing your business please call

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