Advertising your business can prove costly, so advertisers need to achieve the best reach, response and value for money they can possibly achieve. Glossy magazines are by far the best advertising you can opt for, why?

Radio advertising is for that ‘moment in time’ in which your advertisement is played on air, unless you have a huge budget your advertisement may only be played perhaps 3, 4 or 5 times a day for up to 20 seconds.

Newspaper advertising as they say, the newspaper is rabbit bedding in most cases by Monday morning, so only a very short window for people to see your advertisement and act upon it. Also, unless you have a large budget and can afford to run your advert week after week, you’ll find that your advertising is far from effective.

However, advertising within a glossy lifestyle magazine is a different proposition all together. To begin with Island Life is published bi-monthly and Islander is published monthly, so it works out far cheaper and you can afford to advertise for longer periods which has been proved to be far more effective for businesses.

Readers collect our magazines, hotel owners place them in guests bedrooms for them to read and take home, they are placed on 1000’s of coffee tables across the Island, in hospital waiting and eating areas, they sit on tables for months in doctors and dentists surgeries, hairdressers, solicitors offices. Another great example of the shelf life is people pick up their magazine, enjoy a good read then pass the magazine onto family and friends to read! Our magazines do not age unlike other advertising media as they contain content which in most cases is timeless. You are getting the best value by placing your advertising budget in either Island Life or Islander magazine. The best example we have ever been informed of was a copy of Island Life Oct 2008 spotted in a garage waiting area in 2019! Those advertisers really got their moneys worth… In addition to this all our issues are available to read online forever!

Before you go ahead and spend your hard earned cash stop and think, where will my money work the hardest, long term?