Distribution of Island Life is crucial to its success.  It’s not just a case of having thousands of local readers picking up the magazine – we also carefully plan our distribution to ensure that it reaches exactly the right target audience. The magazine comes free of charge,  but we are extremely selective about where we place copies.

Because we have had 14 years of experience distributing our magazine across the Island, we have established the best and most suitable outlets to reach the type of reader we aim to attract.

And because we carefully monitor our distribution right down to the last copy, we are proud to say that we have never had returned copies of the magazine – which is great news for the advertiser!

We print 10,000 copies of Island Life every issue. The magazine is distributed throughout the Isle of Wight via newsagents, selected major supermarkets, small businesses, pubs and restaurants, hairdressing and beauty salons, doctor and dentist surgeries, as well as Hovertravel ports,  and visitor centres.