New home, same place!


When you want to move house but just can’t face the stress, upheaval and cost, there is another option that’s becoming increasingly popular, and that’s simply staying put – but investing in a home improvement project instead.

The advantage of this approach is that not only can you create a new home in the old space, but also can potentially increase the value of the property.

Currently the most sought-after way of improving and updating a home is by adding a dream kitchen, complete with island working space and sleek marble or granite countertops.  Large, open-plan designs are becoming increasingly popular, removing walls to create a smooth flow of space between living, dining and cooking areas and adding rooflights or bi-fold doors to the garden for extra light and airiness.

Converting a basement or attic can also add valuable extra living space, and is a good option for multi-generational families where adult children or grandparents share the home.

One of the easiest ways of adding square footage has always been a quick and easy conservatory – but the latest ones are a world away from those old glass ‘bolt-on’ structures that could only be used for a few of months of the year.  A good modern conservatory has the potential to be a fully functional extra room that can be used all year round as an office, dining room, gym or living space.

Similarly, a little-used garage can be put to much more productive use by being converted to extra living space – and with the advantage of minimal build costs.

If it’s a tiny garden that makes you want to move house, there’s even a ‘stay put’ solution for that: creating a roof deck or balcony where you can relax and grow your potted plants from way up high.


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